The Low Fat Raw Vegan Cuisine, Part 1, Skipping the Fat, Recipes Without Overt Fats by Frederic Patenaude

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Stop Trying to Eat Raw the Hard Way! Simply Watch These DVDs and Discover the Most Amazing, Simple, Delicious and LOW-FAT Raw Food Recipes Ever This is the first professional DVD series on the low-fat raw vegan cuisine. This first DVD covers: – The secrets of the low-fat cuisine. Rich, tasting recipes that leave you feeling great and energized, without unhealthy amounts of salt and fat. – Clear video instructions on how to make different types of raw food meals, along with useful charts to help you create your OWN recipes. – How to make your own fat-free dressings, vegetable soups, entrees and more all 100% raw! – Inspiration, education and gorgeous food, with plenty of new great recipes to help you keep going on raw foods. – A tool to help win your family and friends over to the raw food lifestyle. Just pop in the DVDs and let see how easy and tasty raw food recipes can be. – Recipes covered in this DVD include: – How to make a salt-free vegetable seasoning – The art of raw smoothies. Green smoothie (including my favorite green smoothie recipe ever!) Fruit soups one of the best fruit meals you can make. – Fat-free vegetable soups. Learn how to make these amazing soups without even needing to add extra fat in them. – Fat-free dressings – Fat free salads – The equipment to use on the low fat raw diet